We bring together timeless design icons with living and working spaces of our time.


Our team of experts will gladly help you find creative ideas for building your dream spaces.


We produce superior fiber panels in our own factory in accordance with high-quality standards.


Our experienced and meticulous assemblers work 24/7 to perfect your living and working spaces.

Discover spaces transformed with DC Panel!

Why DC Panel?

You have many reasons to prefer DC Panel...


Design Support

Putting customer satisfaction first, DC Panel helps you choose best models for your desired ambiance through custom design ideas for your spaces.


Seamless Application

Thanks to lifelike panels manufactured through meticulous R&D testing and joint-free installation, you will have no problems during application.


Custom Solutions

DC Panel offers best models for your portfolio by studying corporate characteristics of your company, and produce custom models for you if necessary.

Design should reflect the practical and aesthetic aspects of the work, but above all, good design should serve the people at first and foremost.

- Thomas John Watson, IBM Founder

The key for aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction of human is hidden in the nature.

- Edward Osborne Wilson, Biologist & Researcher

A work of art is successful to the extent that it can invite its addressee into its world, making him breathe in its peculiarities.

- Leonard Bernstein, Conductor, Composer & Writer