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The most popular model of the Concrete Series: Galita

Our lifestyle changes from day to day, and so do interior and exterior design trends! While, in the past, our living and working spaces were filled with large and small furniture and objects, nowadays minimalist, urban and even brutal touches are increasingly preferred in architectural projects. Starting with modern spaces such as hotels, offices and restaurants, this trend has recently begun to manifest itself in homes and luxury residences.

Why you should prefer wall panel with brick look

Suppose you have moved or are planning to move to a new home or office. As such, monotonous spaces no longer appeal to you, you are looking for something new and different to add color to your life. In this article, we will talk about the advantages of choosing a brick-looking wall panel when decorating your home or office. We hope that our article will help you make the right decision by answering many questions that arise in your mind.

Happy Center head office smiles with DC Panel

Altun Food, which brings a different dimension to the retail sector with its unique approach, is working to provide “friendly” service to its customers with its new face Happy Center. With a total of 134 branches, Happy Center continues to open new branches as well as renewing its existing branches. Within the scope of this project that we realized in 2018, a modern and dynamic environment befitting the brand name was created by using DC Panel products in a total area of ​​180 m2 in different parts of the Happy Center’s headquarters in Beylikdüzü, from the reception area to offices, cafeteria and public areas.