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Happy Center head office smiles with DC Panel


Altun Food, which brings a different dimension to the retail sector with its unique approach, is working to provide “friendly” service to its customers with its new face Happy Center. With a total of 134 branches, Happy Center continues to open new branches as well as renewing its existing branches. Within the scope of this project that we realized in 2018, a modern and dynamic environment befitting the brand name was created by using DC Panel products in a total area of ​​180 m2 in different parts of the Happy Center’s headquarters in Beylikdüzü, from the reception area to offices, cafeteria and public areas.

One of the exciting things for us about this project, in which Burton Ala and Burton Akro Claro of the DC Panel Brick Series, Palashke Vento of the Design Series and Galita Claro of the Concrete Series were preferred, is that it successfully showcases how you can get impressive results when you use our products alongside creative lighting applications.

You too can prefer DC Panel products and make smiles a lasting part of your life.

Products Used in This Project


Burton Ala

With its rustic appearance and striking colors, Burton Ala is the ideal choice for those who seek vividness and dynamism in their living and working spaces.


Burton Akro Claro

Introducing uniqueness and warmth to every space that it is used, Burton Akro is preferred in many venues from loft residences to chalets, from workplaces to gyms.


Palashke Vento

With its strong rock texture which we have softened to increase the aesthetics effect, Palashke is ideal for those people who want to find elegance in a unique design.


Galita Claro

Besides the fact that Galita is the most popular model of the Concrete Series, it is also a very stylish choice which can effortlessly save a space from monotony.

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